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The links library aims to make life easier for Polish family historians who use the internet as a significant resource. There are many thousands of links pages out there and they are easy to find. We do not wish to emmulate them. Our hope is to post pages based on a theme which include only the most useful links. Importantly we want these links to be annotated so that we can eliminate the need to constantly surf the net in search of what might just be useful if we are lucky.

We will do our best to categorise each and every links page that is posted and to limit the size of these pages. Here are the first few.


Genealogy Links

General Links (English)
General Links (Sites in Polish)
Genealogy Forums
Genealogy Databases
Maps and Map Sites
Places and Place Names
Polish Surnames
Polish Archives
Telephone Listings

Poland's Historical Regions

Galicja (Galicia, Halychyna)
Kaszubia (Kaszuby)
Kresy (The Borderlands)
Pomorze (Pomerania)
Sląsk (Silesia)
Suwalki (Suwalki)
Wielkopolska (Greater Poland)
Warszawa (Warsaw)
Wołyn (Volhynia)

Poland Today

General Information (English)

Poland and World War 2

Kampania Wrześniowa (September Campaign)
The Soviet Union
Displaced Persons Camps in Germany
The Death Camps
Those Who Served

Poles Overseas

Poles in Australia
Poles in the USA

Polish Army

Polish Army (Archival Material and Lists)


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