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There are a growing number of online databases and indexing services available to amateur genealogists. We will endeavour to include all of the ones that we find.

Polish Roots - Databases
This is a list of Polish genealogy databases provided by Polish Roots. Their monthly publication (Gen Dobry) is well worth reading. You can subscribe online.
The Poznan Marriage Indexing Service
This is a site which aims to include all of the marriage records within the the former Prussian province of Posen (now Poznań, Poland) for the period 1835-1884. It is a great site and well worth a visit.
Polish Marriages Until 1899
This a site aims to build an index of all marriages which were taken in Polish lands until 1899. It proudly boasts that it already lists 51628 marriages.
Polish Genealogy Society Index
This is a site in Polish but if you have a command of the language it is well worth a visit. It indexes records from a number of sources in Poland. The search facility is easy to use and the information accessible. Even if you have no Polish it is still worth a try.
The Jewish Historical Institute: Poland Indexing Service
The Institue is currently undertaking a total of 10 projects. Have a look to see what you can find.
JRI Poland Business Directory
This is a link to the JRI 1929 Poland Business Directory Project. The aim is to create a database based on the Ksiega Adresowa Polski Wraz z w.m. Gdanskiem dla Handlu, Przemyslu Rzemiosl I Rolnictwa (Directory of Poland, including Gdansk, for trade, industry, handicraft and agriculture 1929) which is searchable online. Potentially a great resource.
European Gazeteers
This is a link to a series of gazeteers fom lands that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Included are gazeteers from Galicja (Galicia) and Slańsk (Silesia). The documents have been scanned in pdf form and can be saved. This is an offering from Bringham Young University.
One Step Web Sites by Steven Morse
This is an amazing site put together by Steven Morse. It links to a sereis of search engines that is incredibly extensive and easy to use. Check it out and use it to your advantage.
Parish Affiliations of Villages in the Former Archdiocese of Wilno
This is a database drawn from Jonathan D. Shea and Diane Bojniewicz Szepanski's book of the same name. It is arranged alphabetically and allows you to access the database of villages located in the former Archdiocese of Wilno. :The purpose of the project is to help genealogists locate the villages they are from which their ancestors came and identify the parish that served each village -- a key step in gaining access to the birth, marriage, and death records that comprise the most significant sources of genealogical information."
Handlowa ksiega adresowa Polski i Gdańska 1923 (Handbook of Business Addresses for Poland and Gdańsk 1923)
This is a commercial directory for the whole of pre-war Poland, including Gdansk (Danzig) which was a free city at the time. It totals about 700 pages. This version has been digitalised by the Library of Congress. Navigation at this stage is cumbersome as it must be done page by page but it is an extremely valuable source of information neverthless.
Spis abonentow warszawskiej sieci telefonow Polskiej Akcyjnej Spolki Telefonicznej i rzadowej warsz. sieci okregowej (Telephon Directory for the City of Warszawa and Environs)
This is a white pages directory for Warszawa in the period shortly before the outbreak of World War 2. It includes a listing of businesses and advertisements arranged by product or service, e.g., office machines, sporting goods, physicians. The directory is 540 pages long. It has been digitalised by the Library of Congress. Navigation is on a page by page basis but well worth a look if your family originated in Warszawa or surrounds.
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