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These are all sites that will provide useful information to the beginner. They are listed here because they are all sites which are written in Polish.

Genelogia Polska
This is a link to the Home Page for GenPol. If your Polish is good this site should prove an invaluable resource. The links page is fantastic and other aspects of the site are good including the names and addresses of all Roman Catholic Parishes in present day Poland.
This is a link to the web site of the Polish Genealogy Society. Another invaluable service for those with a good grasp of the Polish language. There is a forum to which you can post and a host of pages with good advice and links to internet sites.
Polskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne
This site is extremely comprehensive and should prove invaluable to the Polish speaker. It is worth persevering with even for those people like myself who are less fluent than some.
Galeria Alfabet Polski
Another comprehensive site in Polish. This one contains a large number of photos of pre-War Poland. It also contains a series links to other resources including the 1929 Polish Business directory. Well worth a visit.
Mapa Szukac
A great resource for locating places in Poland. This online mapping tool is Polish and includes quite detailed maps of the major cities and towns of modern Poland. Even the smallest villages can be located easily.
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