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Building a community of family historians of Polish descent worldwide!


Welcome to the Polish Family History Forum. This is a web site devoted to all of those descendants of the Polish Diaspora who are interested in the land of their forefathers. It aims to assist people hoping to trace their family history. The site is in its infancy. With your help it will grow and become a useful tool in the quest for knowledge. This site is not just another genealogy site in the narrow sense of that term. It is not just about discovering factual information about our forebears. It aims to unravel the stories of those who came before us rather than just make records of dates and places.

There are a number of ways that you can become involved with the site. The simplest is to passively read what others have contributed. A much more fruitful way, however, is to register as a member and contribute content of your own. Our hope is that the forum continues to grow and evolve but as a starting point we have decided to organise content in these ways:

  • Discussion Forum
    We invite you to contribute to our discussion forum. This is a practical way in which family historians can help each other in their search for information.
  • PolFam Projects
    PolFam projects are potentially the most exciting way to contribute content to our site. We invite you to write your family histories online complete with scanned images and documents. At present we are not able to publish gedcoms but this is only a few weeks away and then there will be no stopping us!
  • The Knowledge Base
    The art of compiling a family history can be quite complex especially when the bulk of that history begins in a distant country which you may or may not have visited. There is a huge range of resources available to the would be family historian but by far the most valuable is the work of others in the same business. We invite you to contribute articles to our knowledge base or to participate in discussions about articles other people have written.
  • The Links Library
    The internet is fast becoming one of the most useful resources of all for family historians. It is not difficult to find links to internet sites for genealogists researching Polish forebears. There are lots of them with a host of links. That is the problem! It is possible to spend hours surfing the net without actually getting anywhere. The aim of our links library is to post links to most useful sites and to annotate them so that family historians can get on with the job of conducting fruitful research. We invite contributions but please only the useful ones and be sure to annotate.
  • The Depository of Polish Surnames
    There are many lists of Polish surnames available on the internet and some excellent books which can be purchased. We do not wish to compete with them but if you are knowledgeable in the field or just wish to add information about the surnames that are important to you then feel free to contribute.
  • Genealogy Humour
    This category celebrates the lighter side of genealogy. Feel free to contribute jokes or anecdotes about your research.

The Polish Family History Forum is a free service in the true sense of the word. You are welcome to contribute to the costs involved with the upkeep of the forum but only if you see some value in what we are doing and have the capacity to do this easily. We are passionate about or family histories and want to share this passion and provide a forum for others to share their expertise and stories for the good of all.

We ask you to remember though that any forum like this can only work in a positive way where people respect the rights and sensitivity of other members and the general public. We like people who are genuine, we don't have time for those who are not. For assistance or to make suggestions contact our web master using the contact form.

From little things big things grow!

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