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These are all links to internet services which deal with places and place names. The history of Poland is rich and varied. Many of the regions which form modern Poland at times were incorporated into the nations that bordered Poland. Equally many of Poland's historical regions are no longer Polish. The cities and towns that our forebears came fom may have many differnet names. To bring light to some of the confusion which this causes use the pages which we link to on this page.

The Fuzzy Gazeteer
This is a neat site that allows you to search the world for place names even if you are not sure of the exact spelling. It is not a map site as such but may prove even more useful.
Kartenmeister Database Search Utility
This is a comprehensive database which boasts that it is the "...largest of its kind in the world". It contains 75,629 locations with over 30.559 name changes once, and 5,500 twice and more. All locations are east of the Oder and Neisse river, the border between modern Poland and Germany. There are several ways to search including German name, older German name and today's Polish, Russian or Lithuanian name.
The JewishGen Communities database and ShtetlSeeker
This is a fantastic offering from the JewishGen. The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker is a database containing the names of all localities in the 31 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, plus all of the former Soviet Republics, and Turkey. This is an extremely valuable resource.

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