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These are all sites that contain useful information about Polish names. Surnames and given names are included. As well as using these links you might like to add to our own Depository of Polish Surnames. It may be small at the moment but remember our motto; from little things big things grow.

Meanings and Origins
An article in About. It may be useful as a starting point. The meaning and origin of 50 common Polish names is given, but only briefly.
Notes on Selected Polish Surnames
This is a section under the Polish Roots site. It gives a brief outline of the origins and meanings of polish surnames. The most useful aspect of this site is a link to a page by William F "Fred" Hoffman, author of Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings, which lists extracts from the book and an offer to provide meanings of surnames on request. This is a generous offer from an authoritative source.
Surname Search
An online version of the Slownik nazwisk wspólczesnie w Polsce uzywanych (Directory of Surnames in Current Use in Poland). This is well worth a visit but be warned it is only a starting point if you wish to locate relatives currently living in Poland.
Surnames and Locations
This is a neat site which provides you with the ability to search for your Polish surname. It returns the number of people with that name currently residing in Poland together with their location. Locations are listed but also shown on a map of present day Poland. There is no information about the source or currency of this information.
Polish Surname Navigator
A sight which allows you to search multiple databases with one entry. Be sure to turn your popup blocker off if you wish to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Polish First Names
A pdf file containing the common translation for a large number of first names. Languages covered include English, Polish, Russian, Yiddish and French.
Polish First Names
A site listing Polish first names alphabetically. The site is written in Polish but well worth a visit even if you don't understand the language. Entries for some individual names give abbreviations, origins and translations.
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