The Death Camps

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The story of the death camps is one of the most horrific of all time, but it must be told. Here are links to sites that have been compiled by Poles. Their story is almost as tragic as that of the jews. We should never forget.

Straty osobowe i ofiary represji pod okupacjÄ… niemieckÄ… (Repression of Poles Under German Occupation)
This web site is in Polish and will prove really useful for anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of the language. The site aims to be an index for the repression of Poles under German occupation during the war. There is a surname search facility that may prove useful as well as links to a series of sites and databases.
A list of Poles murdered at Dachau in 1942. The list was compiled by Mrs Aneta Kaczmarek and was based on the book "Dachau 1933-1945" written by Father Teodor Musioła.
Imprisoned in Pawiak 1939-1942
A list of Poles imprisoned in Pawiak prison between 1933 and 1942.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Search Facility
This is the search engine for the Auschwitz-Birkenau web site. The facility has access to a database containing all prisoners of the death camp. Try searching for relatives. The database is extensive.
JewishGen's Holocaust Database
This is the search facility for JewishGen's Holocaust Database. This is a collection of databases containing information about Holocaust victims and survivors. It incorporates over 100 datasets, listed below, which contain over 1.9 million entries. The list of incorporated databases is included with links at the bottom of the page. A most for those with Jewish forebears and worth a look for everybody else.
Polish Citizens deported to Soviet Forced-Labor Camps in Siberia
This is a search facility for the topic suggested by the title. I was able to find references to relatives. This will prove useful for the many people with forebears exiled into the Soviet Union at this time.
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